Open Invitation to celebrate

Thanks to people’s immense generosity, during the last 12 months the Chapel has been transformed into a warm, welcoming, light and airy space, retaining and enhancing the best features of its original 1960s design.  Its energy efficiency has been greatly improved, thereby increasing the building’s long term sustainability and emphasizing our aim of operating Holland House ‘in harmony with creation’. To celebrate this generosity and what it’s achieved, Holland House is opening it’s doors to anyone who would like to come and see the refurbished chapel and enjoy some Holland House hospitality. Visit us in the afternoon of Friday May 11th from 2.30pm onwards, when the House will be open for guests to view the Chapel and to enjoy the House and its grounds.

The appeal remains open and if you would like to read more about it please click on this link Extended Appeal – Press Release .

If you’d like to contribute it’s easy to make a donation on-line. Just click on this link – many thanks.

Donation to Holland House