17th: Day Booking – Seeing the world and ourselves differently – Franciscan insights for the planetary crisis with Brother Samuel SSF


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Day Guest
Saturday 17th August 2024
10am – 4pm

We look forward to welcoming you to join Brother Sam for the day at Holland House, and take part in his retreat on Franciscan insights for the planetary crisis.

People are beginning to accept the fact that the world is experiencing the impact of an environmental crisis – of climate change and extinction of species – that is almost certainly going to become much worse as the years pass unless human behaviour changes. The way we generate energy, the way we farm and consume, the way we travel and the care we take about the environment and the needs of the vulnerable have to be addressed urgently.
But underlying these changes there needs to be a deeper conversion – a radical transformation of the way we see ourselves in relationship to the world around us; something akin to a spiritual revolution.
The Franciscan tradition, flowing from the life of St Francis and St Clare of Assisi, offers such a revolution by its emphasis on kinship with creation, the imprint of God’s love in every creature and on living and praising God in harmony with the world around us. This weekend will explore these emphases, how they might shape our action and way of living in the world today, and how this could transform the present crisis into opportunity.
Br Samuel is a member of the Society of St Francis, an Anglican Franciscan order, and is a co-author of Seeing Differently – Franciscans and Creation, published by Canterbury Press

Arrivals from 10am -4pm and includes a two-course lunch and refreshments.