Finding Your God – An honest search


FINDING YOUR GOD is a residential (2 days) retreat offering an opportunity to explore what God (the Divine, the Absolute) means to you.

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This two day Individually Guided Retreat provides space for us to be completely honest about our relationship with God (or any other name we might use). Even people of longstanding and dedicated faith can feel that they’ve never really found God,  and that after many years of belief God remains a distant idea. Some find traditional images and concepts provide more problems than solutions, and although there’s a yearning to discover the truth all roads seems to lead to dead-ends and frustration. Where to go ?

Finding your God  is an opportunity to spend two days exploring what God (the Divine, the Absolute)  means to you. What is your experience of divinity, of love, or loss, or emptiness ?  Where is your suffering, where is your joy, how does the Divine relate to your life as it’s experienced by you ?

Finding your God  is for anyone who wants to widen or deepen their exploration of the Divine, an opportunity to move from other peoples ideas of God to discovering God for ourselves.

These are one-to-one retreats so enquiries are similar to those from The View From the Hill retreat, i.e. email Revd Ian Spencer via

Ian will organise mutually convenient dates, and send an overview of the itinerary.

The price is £185 fully inclusive, dates to be agreed but will always be during Tuesday to Friday (i.e. midweek).

Welcome to our website, if you are using our on-line booking facility and have any problems please telephone during office hours (Monday-Friday 9am - 4pm) Dismiss