Finding Your God

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FINDING YOUR GOD is a residential (2 days) retreat offering an opportunity to explore what God (the Divine, the Absolute) means to you. Even people of longstanding faith can feel they’ve never really encountered God, traditional images sometimes being unhelpful. This retreat is for anyone who wants to widen or deepen their exploration of the Divine, to move from other peoples ideas of God, to discovering God for ourselves.

These are one-to-one retreats so enquiries are similar to those from The View From the Hill retreat, i.e. email Revd Ian Spencer

Ian will send an overview of the itinerary which includes four sessions of one-to-one time over the two days (at the beginning and end of each day).

The price is £165 fully inclusive, dates to be agreed by mutual arrangement but will always be during Tuesday to Friday (i.e. midweek).