Start the Year Well: Friday 7th to Sunday 9th January


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Many of us make new year’s resolutions that start in good faith but soon fizzle out,  everyday-life just squeezes our good intentions off the map.

Good physical and mental health is something that shouldn’t be squeezed out of our lives, indeed they should be a priority for us, but making a resolution to be fit &well in body and mind has the same squeeze problem.

This weekend is designed to get us off to the best of starts for the new year. Ian Spencer will lead us in a weekend of yoga practice that not only supports our bodies, but helps strengthen our breath and clarify or noisy minds. No previous experience of yoga is necessary as all the postures can be modified by Ian to suit everyone.

Breathing (pranayama) techniques can help strengthen the breath  – particularly helpful as we continue live in the shadow of covid, and meditation is always the greatest of tools to help us with that over-noisy organ, the mind. Supple body, strong breath, quiet mind – what’s not to like!

Across the rest of 2022, Ian will offer regular days at Holland House to continue to support your practice – so no more “fizzle-out” problems!

Cost of £250 includes all meals and accommodation.

With arrivals from 4pm on Friday, the first session will start after dinner, which is served at 6pm, the weekend will conclude with lunch on Sunday.


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