The Art of Living Soulfully – Friday 25th – Sunday 27th March


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” ‘Soul’ is a confusing term – commonly bandied about in religious circles but seldom defined or much understood. It’s also used in psychology, and popular culture where for example music, art, conversations, food, friendships, habits and rituals may be considered soulful. Perhaps the great dilemma of our times is a ‘loss of soul’ – a dislocation from our deepest selves, from compassion, from nature – ultimately, from the divine. Yet when soul is neglected, it doesn’t simply go away; it appears in obsessions, addictions, aggression, and loss of meaning.”


Drawing on music, art, poetry and biblical imagination, this weekend retreat will consider, not only the meaning of soul in theological and cultural terms, but importantly, explore tangible ways to foster soulfulness in ordinary everyday life, and in our world.


Dave Tomlinson is an Anglican priest, and chaplain to the St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation. He holds a Master’s degree in Biblical Hermeneutics, and is the author of many books including How to be a Bad Christian – and a better human being and Black Sheep and Prodigals – an antidote to black and white religion. Dave also regularly contributes to BBC Radio 2’s ‘Pause for Thought’ and currently invites all to his Holy Shed every Sunday evening.



Cost includes accommodation, meals and refreshments




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