Yoga for Christians Thursday 19th November


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Whether you’re a Christian who already goes to a yoga class, have an interest in how yoga can support your faith, or would simply like to experience yoga within a Christian framework, this retreat is for you. Revd Ian Spencer is a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher and has taught both classes and offers individual (one to one) tuition.  Ian will introduce Yoga as a practice that Christians can use to deeply connect with faith, working with body practice, breath, chant and meditation. Ian cross-references ideas and text from the Yoga Sutra with Biblical ideas and text to provide new insight and a different theme for each retreat day across the year.

The day is suitable for those who are exploring spirituality as well as those established in a faith tradition.

Cost includes refreshments and two course lunch.

Mats and other equipment can no longer be provided due to Covid restrictions – please bring your own mat on this occasion – many thanks