Yoga for Lent March 12-13 2019




An ideal opportunity to begin Lent with a spiritual practice that includes body, mind and spirit.  Christians have always understood Lent to be a time of “turning inward”  in preparation for the great events of Easter. Traditionally it’s a time of fasting, working with the body, in order to more deeply experience with the “inner-life”.

Yoga provides a complimentary way of working with the body in order to achieve the same objective, focusing on both body, breath and mind – and this retreat will engage all three via asana (postures),  pranayama (breath-work), chanting, meditation and discussion. Revd Ian Spencer will use passages from the Yoga sutra along with Biblical passages as a way of illuminating our path during the retreat.

In addition, Ian will provide all participants with a short yoga practice to use at home during Lent.

Meals will be vegetarian

The retreat is suitable for experienced and none-experienced in yoga.