Zen Spring-time Retreat: Residential Monday 7th – Friday 11th March


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Note: This is the link to use to book as a full resident i.e. this includes overnight accommodation.  It’s highly recommended that if at all possible participants take advantage of the residential option. However if this isn’t possible there’s a non-resident option too – here’s the link:   Non Resident option


“That’s very Zen”  has become a watchword for being “chilled”  or relaxed about life, and in almost every garden centre or home-ware shop we find a variety of “Buddhas” to buy and bring home.  But what is Zen about really, and why might Buddha be helpful in ways that go beyond an interesting statue?

The Wild Goose Zen Sangha (WGZS) is a UK  based group begun just over 20 years ago with close ties to the White Plum Asangha in the USA, and has ‘sitting groups’ all over the UK, one of which has been based in Cropthorne for the last 10 years or so.

In March 2022 the sangha will be on retreat (called “sesshin”) at Holland House from 5pm on Monday 7th, until 10.00am Friday11th, to which all are invited. The retreat will be led by the head of the Sangha, Roshi Chris Ryushin Collingwood, along with members of both the local and national sitting groups.

No previous experience of Zen is necessary, and all faiths or life-perspectives are welcome. This Spring sesshin is a chance to step into the world of Zen for a few days early in the year, to be immersed in its peaceful rhythm of seated meditation, walking meditation, quiet chanting and supportive company – all set in the wonderful buildings and gardens of Holland House.  The cost includes accommodation, refreshments, meals, handouts, and availability of meditation mats and cushions.

If you’d like more information please email karen.spencer01@gmail.com,  or just click “add to basket”  to book your place.

If you can’t make the Residential element than you can come on a non-resident basis which includes everything except the overnight stay – here’s the link to book   





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