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  • Fri
    4:00 pm

    This retreat is for anyone interested in the work of Benedictine Monk Fr Bede Griffiths, or in how the experience of India can help illuminate the Christian tradition in new ways.

    The in-person retreat is now fully booked, however if you'd like to join us On-line real-time, follow this link. If after reading the information you'd like to book your place, we'd love to see you!   Going Beyond: On -line

    John Ryder writes "Many Christians have struggled to find the Christ we know in our hearts in the churches where we grew up.  We imbibed an image of God delivered in dualistic terms, excluding perspectives from other spiritual traditions. 

    Jane Lichnowski and John Ryder, along with Revd Ian Spencer, will offer a weekend to facilitate a deepening process of spiritual understanding through an exploration of the Katha Upanishad. This accessible Hindu scripture opens up questions of life and death, and invites us to journey into the ultimate nature of who we are. It provides an opportunity to hear and reflect on the Katha Upanishad, held within the Benedictine rhythm of the day as at Shantivanam (Bede's Indian monastery), with times of meditation and prayer, silence and sharing.  Also, opportunities for yoga, contemplative walking in the beautiful grounds, and an Indian-style Eucharist.

    This is a unique opportunity rarely offered in the UK, do book early to secure your place.


    Jane Lichnowski and John Ryder are founder-members of the Bede Griffiths Sangha, a loosely - knit community of people formed 25 years ago after the death of Father Bede. (see

    Revd Ian Spencer is an Anglican Priest, Warden of Holland House, and yoga teacher. 

  • Sat
    10:00 amOn line

    Holland House is thrilled to announce a wonderful opportunity to hear international retreat leader, priest, author and social psychologist Diarmuid O'Murchu  speaking on the subject of the "coming of age"  of Christian spirituality.

    Based on his recent book, When the Disciple Comes of Age, Diarmuid O'Murchu, priest and social psychologist, will explore the spiritual challenges of our time as more people seek adult ways to engage and express their search for a deeper spirituality. 

    "Embracing an adult perspective of faith requires adjustments to inherited wisdom. For some it means discarding a great deal of what no longer feels credible or useful. For others it means reworking the tradition to make it relevant for the 21st century......."

    The event will provide an opportunity to ask Diarmuid questions and also take-part in both plenary and "meeting room" conversations.

    Begins 10.00am, finishes 3.30pm

    After booking a place via our online shop we will later send you the itinerary for the day, along with Zoom link.

    To book your place follow this link........ Diarmuid O'Murchu - Being more adult in Living our Faith today


  • Sat
    10:00 am

    The freedom from “lock-down” feels to many of us like its created more problems than it’s resolved – life just got even more complicated.

    Juggling family responsibilities and work commitments while looking after our own health (mental and physical) is getting increasingly difficult.

    This day is for anyone that needs some space to re-collect themselves, sooth body and mind, and enjoy some “me” time – a time to re-balance.

    The yoga postures will be accessible to everyone (all body-shapes and sizes) and meditation / mindfulness practice suitable for all.

    The day will be led by the Warden of Holland House, Revd Ian Spencer – a trained Hatha Yoga teacher and Zen meditator and includes lunch and refreshments

    The day concludes at 4pm

    Here's the link if you'd like to book:

  • Thu

    Whether you’re a Christian who already goes to a yoga class, have an interest in how yoga can support your faith, or would simply like to experience yoga within a Christian framework, this retreat is for you. Revd Ian Spencer is a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher and has taught both classes and offers individual (one to one) tuition.  Ian will introduce Yoga as a practice that Christians can use to deeply connect with faith, working with body practice, breath, chant and meditation. Ian cross-references ideas and text from the Yoga Sutra with Biblical ideas and text to provide new insight and a different theme for each retreat day across the year.

    The day is suitable for those who are exploring spirituality as well as those established in a faith tradition.

    Cost includes refreshments and two course lunch.

    Mats and other equipment can no longer be provided due to Covid restrictions - please bring your own mat on this occasion - many thanks.

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  • Fri

    For many years Holland House has hosted a residential retreat based on the books and spirituality of Fr Richard Rohr.

    Always popular, this year despite Covid we’re holding our 2020 retreat as planned but working within the safety guidelines set out by Government.

    Numbers are restricted and depending on Covid restrictions we may do the retreat On-Line - but the house is Covid-Secure with the Government "Good-to-Go" accreditation, so do please come in person if you'd like to.

    The Warden (Revd Ian Spencer) will be hosting the retreat along with his colleague Urs Mattmann and will include talks, discussion, meditation, worship and free time.

    Using Rohrs book “Hope against Darkness: The transforming vision of St Francis in an Age of Anxiety”, and his latest book “The Wisdom Pattern”, we’ll be exploring  what Rohr see’s as the most pressing issue of our age, a  “crises of meaning … so many people have lost heart today feeling both confused and powerless – many have lost any over-arching meaning [to life]”.  Rohr turns to the life and vision of St Francis in order to articulate the problem, and then catch the vision (and practical application) of St Francis’s spirituality in order to redeem it (e.g. the pattern of “order – disorder – reorder”)

    If you’re looking at the world and feeling powerless to help heal it, or just feel hopeless – this retreat will put a spring in your step once again!

    Arrival from 4pm onwards,  retreat concludes at 11.00am Monday

    Here's the link to book a place :



  • Wed
    1:00 pm

    Holland House is delighted to welcome Revd Dr Bonnie Thurston to lead our on-line retreat, looking into the wonderful legacy of Interfaith Dialogue that Thomas Merton pioneered.

    The retreat begins 1pm and closes at 5pm GMT (9am - 1pm EST), and comprises of two talks by Bonnie, time for discussion, Q&A and with comfort breaks in-between.

    This is a unique opportunity to hear a leading expert on Merton's spirituality and thinking on a subject that is surely of growing importance in our multi-cultural yet increasingly fragmented world.

    Cost is just £20 - once booked a link and programme will be emailed to you.

    Thomas Merton OCSO (13/01 1915 – 10/12 1968) was an American Trappist monk, writer, theologian, mystic, poet, social activist, and student of comparative religion. Merton was deeply committed to Interfaith dialogue, corresponding with Monks and Religious Leaders all over the world. Indeed it was on such a trip to engage with the Buddhists of Thailand that he tragically died on December 10th 1968.


    Bonnie Thurston is a native of southern West Virginia,  lives quietly near Wheeling, WV,  having resigned the William F. Orr Professorship in New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in 2002. She earned the B.A. in English (First Honors) from Bethany College, and the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Virginia.

    She was ordained in 1984 and has served as co-pastor, pastor, or interim of five churches and twice in overseas ministries. She is an experienced spiritual director and retreat leader. Her poetry frequently appears in religious periodicals, and she has authored six volumes of verse.  Bonnie is a widow, an avid walker, reader, gardener and cook, enjoys classical music (especially the opera and liturgical music) and loves the West Virginia hills.

    Thomas Merton Connection: Bonnie wrote her doctoral dissertation on Thomas Merton and is particularly interested in his poetry and his inter-religious thought. She was a founding member of the International Thomas Merton Society, served as its third president, and received a “Louie” award for service to the Society. She has written over 50 articles or contributions to books on Merton and given retreats and lectured on Merton widely in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Europe

    To secure your place on this fabulous one-off event, click on this link



  • Tue
    On Line

    This is an on-line retreat lasting 7 days (Dec 8,9,10, 15,16,17,18)  but carried out in your own time within a loose framework. It's not necessary to come to every day, just pick the days you can come.

    Run via Zoom this retreat is designed to fit into peoples busy and now even more complex lives - allowing us to make the most of having to live more solitary lives and yet being together to contemplate the wonder of Christmas.

    This is Holland House's gift to all those who'd normally come here during the Christmas season, and all who are suffering separation or loneliness due to the Covid pandemic. Do join us for this very special retreat.

    Here are the days and the stations:

    Dec 8: Zecharia & The Annunciation.   Dec 9: The Visitation & The Birth of The Baptist    Dec 10:Josephs Dream & The Nativity   Dec 15: Shepherds and Angels & Adoration of the Shepherds  Dec 16th:  Naming of Jesus & Visit of the Magi    Dec 17th: Presentation of Christ & Flight into Egypt   Dec 18th:  Massacre of the Innocents & The Return to Nazareth. 

    Each day we will look at 2 Stations of Advent (Pictures), one in the morning and one in the afternoon, such that over 7 days we will have journeyed through all 14 stations.

    The retreat is just £10 per day - when you purchase the item just change the "quantity" in your "basket" to reflect how many days you'd like to purchase. Or you can offer more than £10 in the same way, even if you only come to (say) one day. You will receive the Zoom link (which will valid for all the days) once your purchase has been verified.

    A typical day is explained below.....

    10.00am Prayer

    10.15 Introduction to first Station (Picture)

    10.30 - Quiet time

    1.30pm - Introduction to Second station (picture)

    1.45pm Quiet time

    3.30pm - Plenary (sharing time)

    4.00pm - Prayer

    4.15pm End

    Click here to be taken to the shop if you'd like to purchase one or more days ..........

  • Thu
    10:00 am

    “PRAYING DIFFERENTLY”  is for folk looking for a richer experience of prayer.

    Many of us find prayer either difficult, less than satisfying, or have grown bored with it.However the Christian faith has a very rich heritage of prayer, for example prayer ropes, icons, meditation, rosary, nature-based, chanting, scripture-based, and more. This one day retreat explores a variety of prayer practices, and can be booked by individuals with a maximum of 4 people at any one time (more by prior appointment). It's not necessary to come as a group. This allows for personal discussion time with the tutor in the afternoon.If your prayer life isn’t as rich as you’d like it, "praying differently" offers other ways and practices. See and experience prayer afresh, and regain your enthusiasm and commitment to the sacred and transforming practice of prayer.

    Led by Revd Ian Spencer, Warden of Holland House.

  • Fri
    12:00 pmHolland House

    International Aramaic scholar Neil Douglas-Klotz returns to Holland House in 2020 to guide us through the Beatitudes following the path to "ripeness".

    Breathing with Unity, Living with Blessing 

    Chant, Movement and Contemplative Prayer with the Aramaic Jesus

    This year at Holland House, we will return to the heart-awareness of the present moment with a journey through the Beatitudes of Jesus in Aramaic. Through chant, simple circle movement and contemplative prayer, we will re-enter the state that Jesus calls tub, “blessedly ripe—at the right time and place” We will follow the journey of one of the most profound aspects of Jesus’ teaching, the Beatitudes in Matthew. This is a healing journey that takes us to deepest part of ourselves and then resurrects us in power and joy. Whether or not you have joined in these Aramaic retreats previously, this is a wonderful doorway into Jesus’ native spirituality and way of meditation.

    Book on-line

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