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However if your circumstances are such that it’s not possible to attend an event due to the cost, do please ask for a bursary application form, either by emailing or by telephoning 01386 860330. Bursaries are  limited to one application per person per calendar year.

Event Information:

  • Fri

    The 2019 Rohr Retreat: The Universal Christ

    12.00 noon startHolland House

    The Centre for Action and Contemplation in the U.S.A.  has offered Holland House some exclusive video and other resource to help make this retreat a fabulous experience, and they're aware and supportive of this particular event - the only one of its kind in the UK this year.

    The retreat will focus on Fr Richards latest (and some say greatest) of his works, which looks deeply into what we mean and understand by the "Christ" .

    "The union of matter and spirit, of human and divine, is revealed in the cosmos as Christ and in human history as Jesus. Richard Rohr’s long-awaited book paints a portrait of God’s infinite love, offering a healing vision of wholeness at the heart of the universe"

    We're delighted to be working in collaboration with Rohr's Retreat Centre (CAC) for the first time - come and be a part of something very special. Follow this link to book your place, before someone else does !      The-rohr-retreat-the-universal-christ/