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  • Tue

    Praying Differently

    10:00 am

    “PRAYING DIFFERENTLY”  is for folk looking for a richer experience of prayer.

    Many of us find prayer either difficult, less than satisfying, or have grown bored with it.However the Christian faith has a very rich heritage of prayer, for example prayer ropes, icons, meditation, rosary, nature-based, chanting, scripture-based, and more. This one day retreat explores a variety of prayer practices, and can be booked by individuals with a maximum of 4 people at any one time (more by prior appointment). It's not necessary to come as a group. This allows for personal discussion time with the tutor in the afternoon.If your prayer life isn’t as rich as you’d like it, "praying differently" offers other ways and practices. See and experience prayer afresh, and regain your enthusiasm and commitment to the sacred and transforming practice of prayer.

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    Led by Revd Ian Spencer, Warden of Holland House.