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Event Information:

  • Wed

    Yoga for Christians in Lent

    10:00 am

    The Yoga of preparation: Wednesday 26th - Friday 28th February

    Lent is traditionally a time of preparation for Holy Week and Easter, and yoga can help deepen this time and provide a practice to see us through.

    In the second chapter of Patanjali's yoga sutra - it's written that the yoga of action (kriya yoga) requires discipline / purification (tapas), self-reflection (svadhyaya) and trust in a higher Being (Isvara pranidhana).

    For Christians looking for a Lent practice, we can interpret these as 1) valuing our bodies 2) reflecting on our attitudes and actions and 3) deepening our faith in God

    Using asana (postures), meditation, and prayer / worship, we'll create a practice together that will strengthen and encourage us throughout Lent. Our time will also include some chanting in sanskrit and also Taize style, free time for reflection, and of course Holland House's legendary food. Everyone will leave with a practice to take home and use.

    Our Christian text is from Marks gospel - 14:32-41, focusing on "keep watching and praying".

    Whether you're a Christian who already goes to a yoga class, or  if you have an interest in how yoga can support your faith - do come along. No previous experience of yoga is necessary, and I've a limited supply of yoga mats for those not already going to classes.

    Cost includes accommodation, meals and refreshments.

    Click on this link to visit the shop and book. Places limited to 10, so don't delay!   Yoga for Lent