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Event Information:

  • Sun

    Eco Balloon Race - April 4th Easter day

    10:00 am

    We have registered "Holland House CIO" for an ecorace via digital balloon!   This is a "virtual race" where you can buy one or more balloons and join a race that takes-off from Old Jerusalem on Easter day and lasts a week. You can track you balloon's flight and see where in the world the wind has blown it.  There's some very nice prizes to be won via the organisation that runs the race and Holland House is also offering vouchers for Full Afternoon Tea for three for the Holland House supporter that comes first.  It's a good company that runs these races, and they help raise a lot of money for charities.  Here's two links - one to the company home page, and one to our page so you can buy your balloon(s).  They cost £3.00 each, and once you've purchased them you can decorate them in your own style, and even decide how much helium you want to put in them (all virtual of course).
    We're hoping to raise £500,  generate interest in the House, and provide our lovely supporters with some fun at Easter.

    Please follow the link to purchase your balloon
    Home page
    Holland House page:

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