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Event Information:

  • Fri

    Reflecting on 'lockdowns': an opportunity to share, reflect and learn

    10am - 4pm

    It has been a strange time for everyone, and different in each case. This Quiet Day will offer us the chance to chat about our experiences and to think about what we can take away from this period. Come and spend a peaceful day at Holland House with Marianne Rankin. There will be time for silent reflection and opportunities to share our own experiences.

    Marianne is the Director of Communications for the Alister Hardy Trust and the author of An Introduction to Religious and Spiritual Experience. She has also written on Dame Cecily Saunders and the hospice movement and illustrated a book on Zen. Currently she is studying for a PhD on the 'fruits of spiritual experience'.

    An event organised by the Friends of Holland House and open to ALL
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