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Event Information:

  • Mon

    ENNEAGRAM: Nov 22 - 26, 2021


    It's been a few years since Holland House hosted a retreat based on the great spiritual quest that is the Enneagram, but now its back!

    It's our delight  to offer this five day retreat, which is becoming very popular all around the world,  arising in harmony with a growing interest in well-being and mental / spiritual health.  These retreats are in great demand in Retreat Houses around the country, so don't miss your opportunity to book a place on on this one especially commissioned for our 2021 programme. Only 18 places are available for this event so click here for more information and a chance to book  The Enneagram

    Arrive in time for dinner on Monday evening (from 4pm onwrds - dinner is at 6pm).

    The retreat ends after breakfast on Friday.

    "Enneagram (Greek for ‘9 points’) describes 9 personality types and is a powerful tool for
    personal and spiritual growth. The Enneagram helps us to see ourselves and others more
    clearly and compassionately and understand what might prevent us from living as fully as God

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