Interfaith news

Holland House is partnering Worcester Interfaith Forum (WIFF) in a series of events designed to support collaboration between people of Faith across Worcester. The Chair of WIFF Revd Canon Owain Bell said “it’s great to be in partnership with Holland House, together we can provide increased resource and commitment to further the work of Interfaith dialogue and action in Worcester”.

Revd Ian Spencer, Warden of Holland House, said Holland House is pleased to be partnering WIFF and delighted to be a part of something that Bishop John Inge called “a crucial area of work”, and Bishop Graham Usher said “great that you are doing this”.  Holland House offers an interfaith picnic every year when families of Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Quaker, and Sikh communities come together to share in a vegan buffet and happy social time in the gardens. “Every-one eats from the same table, and that is a beautiful metaphor for the work of Interfaith dialogue and action”, said Revd Spencer.

The House also hosts two seminars each year, one based on Faith and Policy (e.g. Faith and the Criminal Justice System),  and one on Faith and tradition (e.g. Faith and scripture).

Holland House supports events such as promoting Interfaith presence in hospitals, prisons and on the streets of Worcester. If you’re interested in Interfaith work visit for more information.