St Pauls Hostel

Holland House is pleased to announce its support for St Paul’s hostel for the homeless in Worcester. Jonathan Sutton, CEO of St Paul’s, invited the Warden of Holland House Revd Ian Spencer to a staff meeting where Ian spoke about how ‘mindfulness’ can support staff in their work with the homeless.

Ian said “I was very taken with Jonathan’s vision for St Paul’s, that it’s not simply a shelter for homeless folk, but a place that helps them live through homelessness that plays a part in the healing of why they became homeless in the first place.”

Following Ian’s visit to the Hostel we hosted a talk by Jonathan who explained more fully the nature of homelessness, its causes and what the staff and volunteers at St Paul’s seek to do to assist people who find themselves in that situation.

He explained that homelessness invariably has its roots in trauma, often from recurring negative early life relationships. This has the capacity to manifest itself throughout adulthood and in the negative effects of the choices they have.  He also encouraged us to revisit our preconceptions of the homeless person, to see them not as ‘homeless’ but as traumatised individuals who have not chosen that path, but through circumstances beyond their control have found themselves in that situation.

The hostel seeks to establish a place of safety, both physically and emotionally, to nurture and build appropriate relationships and to connect people to friendships, help and support to enable them to begin, and continue to, live interdependent lives.

We also listened to the story of a former homeless person who had been helped through the work of the hostel and has now become a member of staff. By using their own experiences it has enabled them to relate to those struggling to turn their lives around.

Further information on the inspiring work of St Paul’s Hostel can be found on their website at

This event was part of the House’s Friendly Lunch series which offers a delicious two course meal and refreshments, together with a stimulating address by a variety of people with fascinating backgrounds or interests. All are welcome to attend and booking can be done on-line via the Holland House shop, or via the telephone or email (see the contacts page).  Just click on this link to book your place at this special lunch  Friendly Lunch .