Holland House stands by all our Brothers and Sister of Faith, whatever the Tradition and is remembering in prayer all those killed, injured or suffering in any way.

Here is a statement from the UK’s Interfaith Network, of whom Holland House is a member.

Statement from the Inter Faith Network for the UK Co-Chairs and Faith Communities Forum Moderators

Today’s appalling terrorist attacks on two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand have been responded to here in the UK with prayers, condemnation and demonstrations of solidarity with the Muslim community, including at the Friday prayer.

As we said after the murderous attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh USA last year, attacks on churches, gurdwaras, mosques, temples and other places of worship of different faiths here and around the world are a reminder of the need to condemn extremist violence in the strongest terms and to stand together and to continue to work together with ever greater urgency against ignorance, prejudice and hatred.

Hatred targeting any  community because of its faith and belief is a scourge that cannot be tolerated. There must be freedom to worship and practise our faith freely and without fear.

The Inter Faith Network Co-Chairs and Faith Communities Forum Moderators

15 March 2019