As well as offering programmed events, Holland House welcomes you to plan your own event. Many people come – for a day or a weekend or longer – to make a private retreat of their own design, in the comfort of the house, the stillness of the chapel and the beauty of the gardens.

Structured only by the times of meals, how you spend your time is completely up to you. You might to want to reflect, take stock, meditate, pray, be still.  Perhaps you would like to study or luxuriate in a novel without interruption.

To find out about rooms and facilities, please go to Hospitality or contact us by email or phone.

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Holland House is visited by many groups.

Some come from churches, other faith communities, other associations. They come for a day or a weekend or longer, to spend time in whichever way they have agreed – for retreats, meetings, meditation, yoga, creative arts… or simply to spend time together.

Some come from workplaces – for meetings, conferences, training, team building, or courses of professional study.

Whatever your reason for gathering, we have the rooms, the facilities and beautiful grounds. To find out more, please go to Hospitality or contact us by email or phone.

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The house, the chapel and the gardens are also beautiful places for celebrating birthdays, baptisms weddings, anniversaries…

However light-hearted or serious, we have the place, the ambience and the chefs for your special occasion. To find out more, please go to Hospitality or contact us by email or phone.

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Finding Your God

This Individually Guided Retreat Is an opportunity to spend two days exploring what God means to you.  What is your experience of love or loss or emptiness?  Where is your suffering?  Where is your joy?  How does the Divine relate to your life as it’s experienced by you?

Finding your God is for anyone who wants to widen or deepen their exploration of the Divine; an opportunity to move from other people’s ideas of God to discovering God for ourselves.

Dates are always midweek (not weekends) and by mutual arrangement.

The Reverend Ian Spencer, the Warden of Holland House will be your companion on the journey.  Do please contact him for further information and to arrange dates.

Here’s the link below to book online once a date has been agreed.


The View From The Hill

This three-day Individually Guided Retreat is for anyone who needs to step back, take stock, and perhaps deepen their experience of the presence of God.

Day 1 – Why have I come to this place?  And remembering the journey.

Day 2 – Laying down the past and the future and learning to become aware of the present moment and what the implications are for our lives.

Day 3 – Preparing to leave the hill, returning to the life-situation from whence we came, but perhaps better prepared for encountering it afresh.

This retreat is conducted by The Reverend Ian Spencer, the Warden of Holland House.  Dates for the retreat are by appointment but are always either Tuesday to Thursday or Wednesday to Friday.  To arrange dates or simply to find out more, please email Reverend Ian Spencer here.

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