20th-22nd A weekend retreat on Teresa of Avila’s The Interior Castle


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A weekend retreat on Teresa of Avila’s The Interior Castle:

The Radiant Sanctuary

There is a secret place. A radiant sanctuary. This refuge is within you’

Art work by Mary Flitcroft ©’Still Waters’, porcelain with stains and lustres

Join Mary Flitcroft, for a weekend exploring some of Theresa of Avila’s writings on her metaphor of The Interior Castle.

We will spend time reflecting together on Theresa’s insights and how they are relevant to our own spiritual journey and varying contexts. The weekend will include periods of quiet and private reflection and simple worship.

‘Slip away.

Close your eyes and follow your breath

 to the still place that leads to the invisible path that leads you home.


 Softly the One you love is calling.


From  Mirabai Starr’s rendition of The Interior Castle by St Teresa of Avila


Mary Flitcroft is a Retreat Leader and a Spiritual Director and is very much drawn to contemplative spiritual teachings of the mystics.

She works as an Artist- working with both clay and paint in abstract contemplative works. Mary has created a set of the Stations of the Cross called ‘Stopping Places’ for which there is a liturgy with reflections. She also teaches ceramics.

Arrivals from 4pm on Friday and includes all meals, refreshments and accommodation


If you wish to secure your place with a deposit, balance due 6 weeks before, please follow this link making sure you advise in the notes which retreat you are booking