1st: Friendly Lunch: Mohandas K Gandhi – ‘seditious Middle Temple lawyer’ or ‘the most enlightened of all political men’?


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Views on Gandhi are varied, and far from universally positive. To Churchill, Gandhi was a seditious anti-colonialist, while to Einstein he was a truly great human being. His passionate adherence to satyagraha – non-violent resistance – led to India’s independence from British rule in 1947, and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom all over the world.

Gandhi learnt from his own life and mistakes. He called his autobiography “The Story of My Experiments with Truth”. How did his experiences training as a lawyer in London and as an early and leading civil rights activist in South Africa forge Gandhi into the powerful force that led India to independence? What price did his wife and family pay? How have his theories stood the test of time?

In this talk on Friday 1st November 2024, Galen Bartholomew will attempt to examine these issues and to suggest how this painfully shy man became a prophetic voice for the twenty first century, whose views transcend race, religion and nation.

Arrivals from 12.30pm, lunch will be served at 1pm